[Loadstone] (OT) sunrise/sunset calculator

Miranda miranda.ter.hofstede at orange.nl
Mon Oct 22 09:42:28 BST 2007

Hello all,

My apologies for being a little off topic.
For those who are interested, there is a program for 2nd generation Symbian 
phones that can give you today's sunrise and sunset times.
It can also show a picture of the earth and the moon as they are at that 
moment, and it gives the moon phases for this month, and has got a clock and 
stop watch function.
The clock and stop watch are inaccessible with a screenreader, but the 
sunrise/sunset times and the moon phases are spoken just fine.
The program is called Ytime, and it is made by XYZ. You can download a free 
trial version for 3 days, or you can buy it for 9.50 euros.

It is here:

Or here, a German site:

Kind regards,

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