[Loadstone] Suggestions for aditional functions & queery re compiling source code.

Paul Woffenden paul.woffenden at talktalk.net
Sun Oct 21 17:33:49 BST 2007

Hi All,

, I'm very impressed with Loadstone, which I have working perfectly on my Nokia E61.

I have two possible suggestions for aditional functions and a queery regarding compiling the source code.

First, how about a "Repeat Last Command" function with a time interval setting.

Hence you could have Loadstone repeat your heading, speed, altitude, latitude/longitude, number of satellites/signal quality etc every few seconds/minutes. Would be interested to know what other people think of this.

Second, how about a function to calculate the azimuth of the Sun, so this could be compared with the heading given for a particular checkpoint or destination?

Many times both as a vehicle passenger and while walking, I have used my knowledge of astronomy to work out approximately where the Sun should be at a particular time of day and then used this information to determine whether I was heading in the right direction.

The only information necessary to perform this calculation would be the precise date and time data coming from the satellites which is already available to Loadstone.

Finally, is there a recommended command line compiler for Symbian Series60 3rd Edition Loadstone?

I much prefer programming in Pascal to C, but would be interested in having a crack at writing my own functions now I have finished my Masters and have more spare time.

Many thanks to the developers of Loadstone and keep up the excellent work guys.

Best regards.

Paul Woffenden
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