[Loadstone] Loadstone GPS V0.69 released

Ari Moisio arimo at netsonic.fi
Sun Oct 21 08:47:27 BST 2007


  Thanks, looks  good:-)

Few comments. Phone is Nokia 6680 with latest fw, screen reader 
Mobilespeak 3.25. GPS receiver Holux M-1000:

- Tritmeter is excellent idea.  However it has some drift, it counts more 
distance even i'm standing still. It would help if there is a minimum 
speed or distance to previous locate before traveled trip  is incremented.

- show area works well and it is is fast enough. It would be nice if it
  could be  selected directly from navigation mode too.

- In show area result list there is no space between item name and 
distance. I noticed this with a  point name with house number after it, 
screen reader red  both as a distance.  This happened with Mobilespeak, i 
know Talks cannot handle these type of situations at all.

- With Mobilespeak 3.25 if i ask time with edit + 9 it announces beginning 
of time, then read the cell name as i havent press the edit key at all. 
Not sure if this is MS issue or LS keyboard handling issue.

- I found it is easier to manually edit keys.map file than using the web 
interface. Is there any upper limit how many commands could be assigned to 
one (shifted) keystroke?

- In exploration mode it would be better if  'look around' could be done 
with unshifted keys and actual virtual moving with shifted keys after next 
point has been  found.

- IN  exploration mode arrow keys could start shor area -type function in 
given direction or   pressing select in all direction as current show 

- On options menu it would be nice if  assigned hot keys are listed  with 
functions  if one is assigned to given function.

- I cannot figure  out how i can  set LS to  alert  points i'm 
approaching. Approach distance is 15,  approcah time is set to 10 and and 
auto-announce is enabled. What other  setting i have to  adjust to get an 
audible alert before any point in the database? If i have to check all 
points to be alerted  there should be some mass-checking function, ie 
check all points in given radius or similar.

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mr. M01510

On Fri, 19 Oct 2007, monty at loadstone-gps.com wrote:

> Hello All,
> Loadstone GPS version 0.69 is now released.
> Please visit the Loadstone GPS web site and navigate to the Download page.
> http://www.loadstone-gps.com
> Many modifications and improvements have taken place in this release so
> therefore we strongly recommend you read the accompanying "Release notes".
> For those users wanting to download the version for Symbian 3rd edition,
> please be aware that an additional prompt during the download process now
> exists asking whether you would like to acquire the unsigned sis file
> (without the Symbian self-signing tools) or the unsigned sis zip archives
> that do include the Symbian self-signing tools.  If in doubt, download the
> zip archive containing the tools and read the instructions.
> In addition to the "Release notes" complete documentation can be found on
> the Loadstone GPS Documentation page:
> http://www.loadstone-gps.com
> As usual, feedback is welcomed.
> Monty
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