[Loadstone] Loadstone GPS V0.69 released

Len Burns len at gatamundo.com
Sun Oct 21 01:49:51 BST 2007

Good day all,

I have upgraded to v0.69, and from the little I have seen thus far
my only comment is, great work!
I have an odd thing going on with which I need guidance from minds
more familiar with Loadstone than am I.  I am
running Loadstone on a Nokia 6682, Firmware version: v4.65.0.  I have
been running 0.68 on here for some time with good stability.  I did
the following:
removed the keymap file, downloaded and installed 0.69.  The first
time I started it my phone rebooted.  The second time it ran a little
and then closed leaving me back at my standby screen.  So, I
uninstalled it completely and started from fresh.  It installed
without incident, and created the default database.  Now I can launch
it, but when I go into the files menu and select either load database
or import database the program immediately terminates and I am
returned to the standby screen.  I am not sure what more info I can
provide to help sort through this, or if there is something I am doing
that might be causing the behavior.  Any and all thoughts much
appreciated.  TIA!


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