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Kristeen Hughes khug.1 at insightbb.com
Mon Oct 15 18:40:14 BST 2007

I am wanting to start using Loadstone and have a couple of questions.
What is the proper version to use with a Nokia 6620 phone and could someone send me a link? 
How do I get map data  for my city?


On Mon, 08 Oct 2007 03:34:32 +0200, 
=?iso-8859-2?Q?Przemys=B3aw_Rogalski?= wrote:

>OK, thanks for an explanation.
>But if during searching process i press Talks + Joystick, nothing is 
>spoken and I'm not sure if the software is still working or hang up.
>That's why I wrote about a message "Searching ... F2 Cancel" or sth.
>Why is the track recording so problematic?
>Maybe, to begin with, it would be possible to implement a function of 
>saving GPS position as a point, every defined value (eg. every 50m) or 
>when the direction has been changed?
>The name of the point could be eg. GPS date and time and you could start 
>and stop this recording similarly to Start/Stop Logging/ Trip Meter.
>That's only my preliminary idea...
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>>The new searching system works pretty much as you describe. While a 
>>is in progress you can abort by using key 2. The label for key 2 will 
>>from exit to cancel during this process. The search results are kind of 
>>a list but not quite. It wasn't possible to use a normal list because of 
>>length of the data being returned. The way we're doing it also has the 
>>advantage that all other exploration mode commands are available while 
>>the results screen. This should all be a bit clearer when the new 
>>documentation is released. The number of search results setting is 
>>needed so 
>>that results start returning in a reasonable amount of time. It's not a 
>>limit on the maximum number of results, you can always hit the more 
>>at the bottom of a results list.
>>Moving the trip metre options in to a submenu would probably be a good 
>>Having an option to use a newly added point as a checkpoint is on the 
>>list along with a bunch of other things. It probably won't make it in to 
>>this release but should be in the next one.
>>There's no progress on the track or route sysbem yet.
>>On Sun, 7 Oct 2007, Przemysaw Rogalski wrote:
>>>i like your innovative improvements, esp. the trip meter, but I have 
>>>some suggestions for improvement:
>>>1. The searching process could be made similar to the one of Wayfinder 
>>>Access or Noia Maps. I imagine it in the following way:
>>>- You go to Exploration mode and select "Find Point" option from the 
>>>Functions menu.
>>>- You enter the search string and press OK.
>>>- Loadstone displays a message: "Searching..."
>>>and you have a possibility to abort searching with  F2 Key. Hence, you 
>>>get: "Searching... F2: Abort".
>>>When the results are found, Loadstone shows:
>>>"Search results:"
>>>and they are provided in a form of a list
>>>read by Talks as eg. "Hospital, 1 of 5).
>>>If you move to the desired result using joystick and press F1 Key, you 
>>>have the following options:
>>>- Mark/Unmark (Hot Key = * )
>>>- Delete (Hot Key = delete Key )
>>>- Uptate (Hot Key = # )
>>>- Previous results (if applicable)
>>>- Next results (if applicable).
>>>Moreover, it would be nice to have in Settings, Tab General Settings, 
>>>Search Results
>>>the following parameters:
>>>"All" (means that all the search results are shown, regardless on their 
>>>number) and "user-defined' (as it is now, eg. 10 by default).
>>>I also suggest moving "Trip meter" just to the menu Functions, as the 
>>>next option after "Enter point". The submenu "Trip meter" would pull 
>>>down into "Start Trip Meter", "Stop Trip Meter",... etc.
>>>Oh, Could you add to "Save from Commencement", and "Save using current" 
>>>an option that allows to add Entry and check it as a checkpoint at the 
>>>same time? It would simplify the process of recording tracks. By the 
>>>way, how is the function of auto-saving routes (or however you call it)? 
>>>In Translation Form I have seen some messages related to that, but they 
>>>Coming back to Hot Keys:
>>>Shift+6 could read Decimal Longitude and Latitude, while Shift+5 - the 
>>>previous checkpoint.
>>>That's all for now!
>>>Despite all the remarks, I appreciate Loadstone as the best Symbian-baed 
>>>navigation software for the blind. I've just discover how to make a 
>>>donation from my Polish bank account, so I'm going to do it in the 
>>>nearest feature, because you really make a good job!
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>>>>Here's a beta version with all the latest language changes. Attached are
>>>>versions for second and third edition. We're still missing updates for 
>>>>french and italian translations but everything else is in. If no major 
>>>>are found with this beta I'd say this will probably be the next release.
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