[Loadstone] User range error.

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Mon Oct 15 20:25:37 BST 2007

Clock Check Interval = The clock check interval controls when you get the 
'GPS clock seems to have stopped ticking' message. If the gps data pauses for
longer then clock check interval the message is spoken. Most users can 
leave this at the default setting of 5 seconds. If you experience frequent data
loss you may want to increase the interval.
Clock check beeps = If you have clock check beeps on, you'll get a beep 
every 5 seconds as long as there is no data coming in from the receiver. If the
data returns the beeps stop. The Bluetooth connection is not dropped during 
the selected interval.
Auto Announce Interval = Use to adjust the frequency of announcements when 
in Auto Announce mode. Defaults to 0 (automatic), increases in steps of 10 
Use left and right joystick (slider) to adjust.

User Range Error = This is the expected accuracy range to produce accuracy 
output in meters or feet (depending on the setting in 
Unit). Entered in meters it defaults to 8 meters, a commonly accepted 
range. Lower settings apply when locked on to WAAS or EGNOS, higher 
settings can
produce a more realistic reading in urban canyons with high buildings. This 
is a edit field.

At 10/15/2007, you wrote:
>Hello all once time!
>Could I ask some short explanation about the User Range error in the new
>beta of Loadstone?
>Thank you very much.
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