[Loadstone] Costs and Wayfinder

Lamar Upshaw lupshaw at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 15 17:32:28 BST 2007

I paid $379.99 for WF Access, which included a life time license for
unlimited access to map data throughout the united states and canada, plus
whatever points of interest updates that take place.  I also have the
ability to save routes, as well as send them to other WF Access and
navigator users.  What I wish they did, which load stone already does, is
give me an option to use cardinal and clock face settings instead of only
degrees.  In that regard, I've become quite spoiled with load stone! lol
*smile*  I'm still trying to get use to the numbers, instead of a clock or
cumpus direction.

With All Respect,
Upshaw, LaMar T
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> Hi all,
> Following the recent discussion with interest.
> Regarding Wayfinder, I would like to point out that for 149 eur you get
> life-licence and a whole continent of maps. I am using this product with
> Talks standard with no problem. I see no benefit at the moment in
> WayfinderAccess. The cost of WayfinderAccess is outrageous.
> Surveying the market in Ireland, the comercial gps car units cost 350
> Eur to get the whole continent of Europe maps. Yes you can get one with
> Ireland and UK for 199 Eur but these do not have other European
> countries included.
> Wayfinder doesn't have the ability to store pois on a train or mountain
> pathway. Loadstone does.
> Regards
> Aedan O'Meara.
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