[Loadstone] GPS clock stops

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Oct 12 19:13:40 BST 2007

Sandberg, Robert <robert.sandberg at sap.com> wrote:

> I found out what causes the error I described below. I have a program
> called Mini GPS which I use to switch profiles when entering a specified
> cell. Each time it does that, Loadstone loses the connection and says
> "GPS clock seams to have stopped ticking". I don't get it, because Mini
> GPS is not actually a GPS program. It works solely by monitoring network
> cells. Is it possible to make Loadstone immune to this interference?

I think this only happens when the Handset is switched to offline profile.
In this case the bluetooth connection is dropped. So this isn't a loadstone
issue. The only thing you can do against this is not to switch your mobile
to offline profile.


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