[Loadstone] Clock-face cardinal discrepancy in exploration mode

David Greenwood DavidGreenwood at rogers.com
Fri Oct 12 15:49:05 BST 2007

Hi Robbie,

You said...
> Oh please keep that setting option. take out the clock/face if you
> please, but leave me the degrees. I have mine set to degrees and it's
> the most accurate option. Some of us are hobby sailors and this option
> is most useful when determining a heading.

First of all, I agree, in my experience the clock face is usually only used 
as a relative direction, and in exploration mode it might be less confusing 
if it was removed.

My real interest though is your reference to sailing. I do quite a bit of 
sailing and have used Loadstone with some success.  My biggest problem 
though is with one hand on the tiller and the other on the main sheet, it is 
difficult to get a constantly updated reading of my course.  What would be 
nice, and if you have found a work around, let me know, is to have Loadstone 
constantly speaking out the course, say every 5 to 10 seconds.  This may 
also help when crossing wide open areas such as a parking lot or park.  You 
may initially know the direction you want to go, but keeping a relatively 
straight line is sometimes a problem, especially when you get thrown off my 

As well, I am interested in how you or anyone else uses Loadstone while 


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