[Loadstone] Clock-face cardinal discrepancy in exploration mode

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Fri Oct 12 13:29:28 BST 2007

[quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2007/10/12 at 02:26 -0700]

>The other problem with clock face is that every point is reported as being at 
>12 o'clock since it is in relation to the direction of travel.

That'd be in Navigation Mode. When in Navigation Mode I believe it's necessary 
to retain a relative direction system so please don't remove clock-face.

>All this being said, is the exploration point direction setting needed? Does 
>anyone have this set to anything other than the simplified (8 directions) 
>cardinal? If we just remove this setting it might solve a lot of problems.

I use Cardinal in Exploration Mode. I'd be very disappointed to lose that 
granularity as it presents a much more realistic view and definitely clarifies 
what's going on when reversing the direction doesn't get you back to the same 

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