[Loadstone] nokia 6630

David Allen wd8ldy at ihug.co.nz
Thu Oct 11 09:50:23 BST 2007

Hi list!

I just used the version that the site directed when I selected the 6630.

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> Hi Shawn,
> Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at odyssey.cm.nu> wrote:
>> Try using the version for first edition phones. This is most likely the
>> problem, the n70 uses second edition and the 6630 may use first or it may 
>> be
>> just on the line between first and second so will work propperly with 
>> first
>> edition software.
> Nope, the 6630 is a 2nd edition phone and works fine with the standard
> version of loadstone.
> If there are problems with recognizing files on the memory card, I think
> tgere might be a compatibility issue with the particular memory card.
> Loadstone runs fine on my 6630 and here's no prob storing and recognizing
> files on the memory card...
>> On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Williams Family wrote:
> [Fullquote deleted]
> The autor of the previous mail answered to a digest with 6 mails included
> and quoted it completely. So because you quoted it completely too, your
> mail is over 18 kb in length, allthough you only wrote a few sentences.
> That's really annoying, it increases the traffic reading the mails
> dramatically and really isn't needed. When fetching mail via a mobile, it
> results in significantly higher costs because of multiple repeated and
> mostly useless stuff.
> So why not edit the answerd and delete all the stuff you aren't 
> referencing
> to? That would be much easier to read in context... and it would preserve
> the moneybag of others who like to read mails with their mobiles.
> As much as needed, as less as possible...
> regards,
> Bert
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