[Loadstone] loadstone 0.68.19

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Mon Oct 8 01:55:36 BST 2007

The new searching system works pretty much as you describe. While a search 
is in progress you can abort by using key 2. The label for key 2 will change 
from exit to cancel during this process. The search results are kind of like 
a list but not quite. It wasn't possible to use a normal list because of the 
length of the data being returned. The way we're doing it also has the 
advantage that all other exploration mode commands are available while in 
the results screen. This should all be a bit clearer when the new 
documentation is released. The number of search results setting is needed so 
that results start returning in a reasonable amount of time. It's not a hard 
limit on the maximum number of results, you can always hit the more option 
at the bottom of a results list.
Moving the trip metre options in to a submenu would probably be a good idea.
Having an option to use a newly added point as a checkpoint is on the todo 
list along with a bunch of other things. It probably won't make it in to 
this release but should be in the next one.
There's no progress on the track or route sysbem yet.

On Sun, 7 Oct 2007, Przemysław Rogalski wrote:

> Hello,
> i like your innovative improvements, esp. the trip meter, but I have some suggestions for improvement:
> 1. The searching process could be made similar to the one of Wayfinder Access or Noia Maps. I imagine it in the following way:
> - You go to Exploration mode and select "Find Point" option from the Functions menu.
> - You enter the search string and press OK.
> - Loadstone displays a message: "Searching..."
> and you have a possibility to abort searching with  F2 Key. Hence, you get: "Searching... F2: Abort".
> When the results are found, Loadstone shows:
> "Search results:"
> and they are provided in a form of a list
> read by Talks as eg. "Hospital, 1 of 5).
> If you move to the desired result using joystick and press F1 Key, you have the following options:
> - Mark/Unmark (Hot Key = * )
> - Delete (Hot Key = delete Key )
> - Uptate (Hot Key = # )
> - Previous results (if applicable)
> - Next results (if applicable).
> Moreover, it would be nice to have in Settings, Tab General Settings, Search Results
> the following parameters:
> "All" (means that all the search results are shown, regardless on their number) and "user-defined' (as it is now, eg. 10 by default).
> I also suggest moving "Trip meter" just to the menu Functions, as the next option after "Enter point". The submenu "Trip meter" would pull down into "Start Trip Meter", "Stop Trip Meter",... etc.
> Oh, Could you add to "Save from Commencement", and "Save using current" an option that allows to add Entry and check it as a checkpoint at the same time? It would simplify the process of recording tracks. By the way, how is the function of auto-saving routes (or however you call it)? In Translation Form I have seen some messages related to that, but they disappeared.
> Coming back to Hot Keys:
> Shift+6 could read Decimal Longitude and Latitude, while Shift+5 - the previous checkpoint.
> That's all for now!
> Despite all the remarks, I appreciate Loadstone as the best Symbian-baed navigation software for the blind. I've just discover how to make a donation from my Polish bank account, so I'm going to do it in the nearest feature, because you really make a good job!
> Regards!
> Przemysław
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>> Here's a beta version with all the latest language changes. Attached are
>> versions for second and third edition. We're still missing updates for the
>> french and italian translations but everything else is in. If no major bugs
>> are found with this beta I'd say this will probably be the next release.
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