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I would be thrilled to have a go at converting your data. I have a simple
routine based on excel that does the trick for raw map data. I would need
your longitude, latitude and street name. You may find that you have many
co-ordinates on the same street. This is no problem as I will mark each step
along the street with an incremental percentage of the position of the entry
along the entire street.  For Example if we take A street of 100m length
with five readings along its length and one to start the street, there will
be six references in total. This will be saved as "street name, %0", "street
name, %20", "street name, %40", "street name, %60", "street name,
%80","street name, %100".
If you would like to send me a sample, I will convert it and let you and the
rest of the list see the result. 
There will be no charge for doing this. My direct email is: secretary at idd.ie


All the best,


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Hi All
There are several of us in New Zealand going Loadstone. If we can provide
the URL's of free on-line street maps, is it possible for the loadstone team
to use automated tools to extract Lat/Lon and create databases for New
zealand towns and cities?
Many thanks for a fantastic product.
Stephen Bennett
New Zealand
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