[Loadstone] Swiss Railway Stations Added

René Jaun Rene.Jaun at Access-For-All.CH
Mon Oct 1 23:19:45 BST 2007

The  guys at the Swiss Federal Railway Company (SBB, Schweizerische
Bundesbahnen), were so awesome to provide me with a list of more than 1500
coordinates of Swiss (partially also German and French) Railway Stations.
They gave me the permission to share the list with you. I uploaded the list
into the Point Share Exchange Program. So if you search for more POIs, just
enter the coordinates of Switzerland, search with a radius of like 100 km
and you should get some data.

If you need the list in another format, please contact me at the email
address you see above. As long as you use them for your private purposes, I
am allowed to give them to you.

Note that not all railway stations are included. The ones on which SBB
Trains can't run (like funicular ones or some minor local railway systems)
are missing, but I am in touch with these to get their coordinates as well.

As some of you might have noticed, GPS reception is almost impossible in
large trains (in Switzerland, these are mainly the Inter City kind of
trains). In smaller regional ones however, GPS worked fine in my tests and I
found it pretty nice to find out all this information about how fast we are
going, which stations were coming up and which stations are in our

I am doing an internship at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii,
right now - so I can't really take advantage of the Swiss Railway
Coordinates. But those of you who can - please try it out and let me know if
it works.

Best and hottest regards from Hawaii,

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