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Sat Nov 10 10:23:04 GMT 2007

with a text version from the export. If there's anything in there you want 
to keep you'll need to move the default file from the databases directory to 
the importexport directory. This will allow loadstone to start again. You'll 
then have a blank default database. Goto file/import and select default from 
the list of files. This will reimport your default database. This all 
assumes that you had the default database loaded when you did the previous 

On Sun, 9 Dec 2007, Per wrote:

>    Hello,
> I have a current problem:
> After trying to export the default database I suddenly can't start Loadstone
> again.
> Whenever I try to open it I stay on the standby screen.
> So I deinstalled LS and installed the signed 0.69 again but the problem
> remains.
> Turning off and on the E60 brings no results.
> Do you have any suggestions what to do?
> I have a no branded Nokia with y-browser and Loadstone as third party
> software and the newest firmware since a few weeks.
> Best regards
> Per
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