[Loadstone] Bluetooth GPS Receiver & Headset

Jacob Kruger jacobk at cknet.co.za
Wed Nov 28 07:35:57 GMT 2007

FWIW, I actually used something like that last year when I was actually 
riding my bike down the main straight of a local racetrack.

I had a speaker clipped onto my jacket, and the phone in my inside pocket, 
and even with a helmet on, I could hear the speaker talking to me as my 
friend directed me, so they do exist, but I'm not sure what the brand/make 
was, but pretty sure it was in fact Nokia.

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> As others have said it should work but working and being useful might be
> completely different things. I've tried a bluetooth headset with my n70 
> and
> e70 and found it to be a complete waste of money. On the n70 it's supposed
> to be able to handle multiple bluetooth connections but due to a firmware
> bug this just doesn't work. When the link to the headset does work the 
> audio
> can be a bit flakey depending on conditions. With both of my phones I've
> found the biggest problem to be the volume of talks. Things like beeps and
> music etc. are fine but talks seems to come out at about half the volume 
> of
> everything else. Even with the talks volume cranked all the way up this
> still seems to be the case. This happens on a bluetooth headset as well as
> the wired ones so I'm not sure what's going on there. Your milage may vary
> thoe.
> The thing I'd really like to find is a small, amplified speaker that could
> connect to the phone. That way the phone could stay in a pocket and the
> speaker could clip to a shirt collar or something like that. Does anyone
> know if something like this exists? Maybe one of the car hands free kits
> with an internal battery or something.
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, David Greenwood wrote:
>>    Is there any problem having two Bluetooth devices working at one time.
>> I am considering purchasing Bluetooth headphones and it would be used at 
>> the
>> same time as my GPS Receiver.  I have a Nokia 6682.
>> Thanks,
>> David.
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