[Loadstone] Bluetooth GPS Receiver & Headset

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Nov 27 13:52:44 GMT 2007

David Greenwood <DavidGreenwood at rogers.com> wrote:

>     Is there any problem having two Bluetooth devices working at one time.

Depends on phone model and firmware.

> I am considering purchasing Bluetooth headphones and it would be used at
> the same time as my GPS Receiver. I have a Nokia 6682.

The 6682 afair came up after the 6630. Since the last two firmwares the
6630 can handle up to 6 simultaneously BT-connections. So I'm sure, with
the last firmware your 6682 should have no problem with this too.

Sometimes I've running loadstone and Route66 on my 6630 at the same time,
each application connected to it's "own" GPS receiver. It's works fine and
there is no problem to connect an additional BT headset on top.


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