[Loadstone] Trip meter

David Allen wd8ldy at ihug.co.nz
Tue Nov 20 19:40:51 GMT 2007

Hi Paul and list!

Wow! I've had the trip meter jump a bit when sitting still, but never that 
much. My experience has been the further travelled the more accurate it 
seems to be, but you're definitely moving on!

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> Hello,
> I am running Lodestone 0.69 on a Nokia 6600 using a Holux Slim 236 GPS
> receiver.
> I really like the trip meter function, but it does sometimes give very odd
> results. For example this morning I reset the trip meter, started the trip
> meter, walked for about half an hour and then showed the trip meter. This
> claimed that the trip distance was 198.02 kilometers! I then continued
> walking for another half hour and shoed the trip meter again. This time it
> gave a trip distance of 200.04 kilometers. It is plausible that I walked
> 2.02 kilometers in the second half hour, but not 198 kilometers in the 
> first
> half hour! Are there any known bugs re the trip meter?
> I am a bit hazy about what happens to the trip meter if connectivity is 
> lots
> to the GPS receiver during the trip. Also what happens if Lodestone gets
> recycled during the trip.
> Is there a recommended sequence for stopping, resetting, and starting the
> trip meter to get an accurate trip distance?
> Many thanks.
> Paul Hopewell
> hopewell at hopewell.org.uk


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