[Loadstone] Trip meter

Paul Hopewell hopewell at hopewell.org.uk
Tue Nov 20 11:34:41 GMT 2007


I am running Lodestone 0.69 on a Nokia 6600 using a Holux Slim 236 GPS

I really like the trip meter function, but it does sometimes give very odd
results. For example this morning I reset the trip meter, started the trip
meter, walked for about half an hour and then showed the trip meter. This
claimed that the trip distance was 198.02 kilometers! I then continued
walking for another half hour and shoed the trip meter again. This time it
gave a trip distance of 200.04 kilometers. It is plausible that I walked
2.02 kilometers in the second half hour, but not 198 kilometers in the first
half hour! Are there any known bugs re the trip meter? 

I am a bit hazy about what happens to the trip meter if connectivity is lots
to the GPS receiver during the trip. Also what happens if Lodestone gets
recycled during the trip. 

Is there a recommended sequence for stopping, resetting, and starting the
trip meter to get an accurate trip distance? 

Many thanks. 


Paul Hopewell 

hopewell at hopewell.org.uk 

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