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At last, the problem has been resolved. 

What case is he was using the conversion points from a version translated by google. When I used the authentic version of the page and I worked well. 

Thank you all.
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  There is no connection between the 'bad referrer' message and the input file. The 'bad referrer' message means that the tool is not run from the Loadstone server but maybe from a local copy. Do you access the tool via an internet connection and a browser?


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    I have already obtained the "userid" of a database generated by "Loadstone" with points made by me. The number you get is only 4 digits And the conversion page gives me the error "bad referrer Incorrect userid." I tried to add one more digit "0" at the end of that number, then it does not give me the error, but I still give the message: "Bad referrer." 

    Can someone send a csv file as an example that if work to see what might be happening? 

    Thank you very much.
    In Spanish:
    Ya he obtenido el "userid" de una base de datos generada por "Loadstone" con puntos introducidos por mi. El número que obtengo solo es de 4 dIgitos Y la página de conversión ne da el error "bad referrer Incorrect userid". He intentado añadir un dígito más "0" al final de dicho número, entonces ya no me da dicho error, pero me sigue dando el mensaje: "bad referrer".
    ¿Puede alguien enviarme un archivo csv de ejemplo que si funcione para ver cual puede ser el problema?
    Muchísimas gracias.
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