[Loadstone] Exploring a New Area

Geoff Waaler geoffsmailbox at nc.rr.com
Fri Nov 16 21:29:09 GMT 2007

To vertually explore an area you'll need to edit or create a file named: 
"last_position" which should reside in your phone's  loadstone directory. 
You won't have this if you've never had a GPS receiver attached -- Since I 
had this file I was able to follow the exact file layout to plug in an out 
of state point.  If you have to create the file I believe you can get by 
putting the Latt cordinence on the first line and Long on the second line. 
For example the following (excluding the starred lines would place you 
somewhere in North Carolina in the United States:

****** begin last_position file
***** end of file

Now if your last position file contains the cordenance of an intersection in 
the area you want to explore you can do so by pressing zero and going to 
"exploration mode"


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> I've just  visited the points share web, exported, imported, and loaded an
> area that I want to visit.
> I now have a database file on my phone that carries that area.
> However it's in a different state, so I'm not using GPS to work through 
> it.
> What I want to do is do a virtual tour of the intersections. However all I
> ever get is "no point found". Even if I "Enter Point" and save, I still 
> get
> no intersections, etc.
> Am I expecting something that Lodestone will not do?
> Do I need to actually be in the area to do any exploring?
> Dave
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