[Loadstone] Open letter to Google, the Open Handset Alliance and Nokia

Per Reisender at online.de
Fri Nov 16 12:03:20 GMT 2007

Shawn and Rusty: Thank you for feedback.

Rusty wrote:
> In addition, I would suggest that you also work to form a group of
> llind developers to develop a talking interface for this open source
> phone platform.
> This is how Orca was developed for linux.

I also believe that an Android Open Source screen reader and a program with 
the Loadstone functionality should be developed under supervision and with 
cooperation of blind developers and testers.
Unfortunately I have no knowledge in programing and I also have no contacts 
to blind developers or projects like Orca.
Please feel free to take the idea or parts from my open letter and inform 
possibly interested persons or projects.
I would be glad if I could help or work for a team of developers who wants 
to give substance to the ideas.

Best regards from Per

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