[Loadstone] GPS clock stops ticking

Sandberg, Robert robert.sandberg at sap.com
Fri Nov 16 10:48:49 GMT 2007

Hi folks!
I'm having a problem with this event. Before I updated Loadstone I used
to get the message when something else was happening on the phone, such
as automatic profile changes ETC. This no longer happens. In fact, I can
even make calls while Loadstone is running. However, I occasionally get
this message for no apparent reason. Mostly shortly after I've launched
Loadstone. I have tried switching the receiver off and back on again,
but to no avail. The only option then is to exit and relaunch Loadstone.
But on exiting, the phone invariably crashes and I need to remove the
battery to be able to restart it.
Does anyone else experience this and what could be the cause?
Robbie Sandberg

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