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Sandberg, Robert robert.sandberg at sap.com
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Hi folks!
I've posted a request for volontary translations of the Loadstone documentation to a mailing list of vision impaired translators. Any volonteers will either contact the Loadstone team or myself, in which case I'll make introductions.
Robbie Sandberg
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 Hi Dave,

It's definitely better than nothing! We are a global community and growing, so for others who haven't discovered the Google translator yet:


Hola Dave,

En definitiva es mejor que nada! Somos una comunidad mundial cada vez mayor y, por lo que para otras personas que no han descubierto aún traductor de Google:


Hallo Dave,

Es ist definitiv besser als gar nichts! Wir sind eine globale Gemeinschaft und wächsend, so dass für die anderen, die noch nicht entdeckt haben,  Google Übersetzer:


Salut Dave,

C'est certainement mieux que rien! Nous sommes une communauté mondiale de plus en plus et, pour d'autres pays qui ne l'ont pas découvert encore le traducteur
de Google:



At 11/16/2007, you wrote:

	Hi list!
	When I first saw the Spanish message requesting help, I was able to 
	understand most of it in my head, but was uncertain about a few points. I 
	wanted to be helpful so took the message to Google for translation. This is 
	how the translations came about. I realise that it is an English list, but I 
	also realise that Loadstone is global and is not being driven by a 
	manufacturers balance sheet. I'm not sure how large a document can be put 
	through that translator, but so far, it has handled the job reasonably well, 
	and increased the usefulness of Loadstone, so it seems the effort was worth 
	Loadstone mailing list
	Loadstone at loadstone-gps.com

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