[Loadstone] Holux Communication Problems

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Thu Nov 15 01:21:20 GMT 2007

Someone on this list mentioned problems making a Holux GP Slim-236 
communicate with their phone.  If the issue is with the receiver and it is 
not under warrantee, I would recommend upgrading to the M-1000.  I have 
evaluated five GPS receivers.  The M-1000 is one of the three best ones I 
have looked at.  There are some notes about it on Loadstone's website.  It 
is the smallest receiver I have tried.   The M-1000 has a slide switch.  You 
might prefer it to a push-button switch.  I believe the 236 has a 
push-button switch.  The M-1000 seems to acquire satellites relatively 

The M-1000 is WAAS (wide area augmentation system) enabled.  I don't believe 
this provides a significant improvement in accuracy over non-WAAS-enabled 
receivers.  Others might have different opinions.  The M-1000 seems to be 
more solidly built than other receivers.

You might also consider the Royaltec RBT-2110.  Its battery life is similar 
to the Holux M-1000.  It is somewhat larger and heavier than the M-1000 but 
not enough to make any meaningful difference in my opinion.  It has a 
covering for the charger connection that keeps moisture and dirt out.

The Royaltec RBT-2110 might be more expensive.  A little creative on-line 
shopping might save you some money on either receiver.  The RBT-2110 might 
perform a little better in terms of tracking direction changes at slow 
speeds.  Loadstone has some documentation about this receiver on its 
website.  The RBT-2110 is not WAAS-enabled to the best of my knowledge.  It 
seems to acquire satellites more slowly than the M-1000 in my experience. 
Both receivers seem to be relatively free from multi-path errors.

I personally prefer the M-1000 because of its slightly smaller size and 
weight but would use either receiver.  I plan to take my Royaltec and Holux 
on my hike of the Appalachian Trail.  One will be my primary receiver.  The 
other will be my backup unit unless the Wondex mentioned on this list shows 
me a substantial performance difference.

Mike Hanson


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