[Loadstone] Intended article about Loadstone on ShareIdeas.Org

Per Reisender at online.de
Tue Nov 13 12:51:48 GMT 2007

    Hello Loadstone community,

    There is a draft version for an article about Loadstone on the section 
studies" on the Share Ideas site. It's written by Teemu Leinonen from 

"ShareIdeas.org is an online community and a wiki for sharing ideas on how 
use mobile communications for social and environmental benefits.
ShareIdeas.org was created with support from
Nokia and Vodafone, but belongs to the growing global network of individuals
and organizations that use this virtual gathering place to communicate - and

Maybe someone of you wants to complete or correct the content of:


I actually don't dare because of my english grammar and spelling and I also 
havn't some of the needed infos.
There is no Captcha while creating a new account.
 To edit just click on the edit link above the section you want to change or
use the edit link above the heading "personal tools" to edit the whole

After editing you can get a preview with Alt+p.
To save your edit just press Alt+s.
 You can find mor instructions for working with Wikis on the help pages from

Best regards from Per

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