[Loadstone] WondeX BT-100Y GPS Receiver

Jacob Kruger jacobk at cknet.co.za
Thu Nov 8 09:35:01 GMT 2007

I have to agree, and the one other thing that sort of irritates me when I 
read things like this is the relevant pricing this side (South Africa).

I basically paid ZAR1200 for my Holux M1000, which is equivalent to around 
$180 or thereabouts, and it was basically the only 'useful' one I could find 
this side since while most of the bluetooth units this side which come with 
inaccessible software are also around that price, or even more, most of 
those ones are as such limited to being used with their own stuff anyway.

Anyway, just my bit of a rant.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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> It's a shame I didn't see this before I bought the M1000.  Not that the
> M1000 is a bad receiver but this one sounds great.
> Julian
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