[Loadstone] WondeX BT-100Y GPS Receiver

Kevin Chao g.unit89 at clearwire.net
Thu Nov 8 05:21:39 GMT 2007

Hello LoadStoners,
I just wanted to share with everyone this raterh neat receiver I came
It is the WondeX BT-100Y Bluetooth GPS Reciever using the SkyTraq chipset. 
WondeX BT-100Y provices higher sensitivity and satellite pickup offers much
faster reception and TTFF (time-to-first fix) for even the most metroplitan
areas, or getting out of an indoor / underground parking garage. 
Key Advantages
Exceptional performance: Fastest Acquisition time of just about 30 secs
(cold start). With Assisted GPS (A-GPS), cold start time is as fast as 5
Longest Standby time: More than 1000 hrs with vibration sensor for auto
on/off. About 17 hrs of battery operation time per full charge.
Best Accuracy: Supports DGPS (WAAS) for great accuracy at 2.5m.
Auto On/Off: If a paired PDA / laptop Bluetooth is disconnected/idel after 5
mins, GPS automatically turns off to conserve power. If the Bluetooth is
still not connected in with 1 hr, the WondeX BT-100Y enters into sleep mode
(bluetooth is also off). 
Once the WondeX BT-100Y is being moved or shacked, the built-in vibration
sensor automatically turns on the Bluetooth and try to re-connected with a
previously paired PDA / laptop. As soon as connected is made, GPS receiver
automatically turns on and ready for your navigation software.
WondeX BT-100Y works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world*, 24
hours a day. (* users must have a GPS software and maps to take advantage of
this WondeX BT-100Y)

*	54 channels "All-In-View" tracking 

*	Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 30/28/1 sec. (average) 

*	Superior sensitivity: -159dBm tracking 

*	Support A-GPS function (With the included PC application called
miniAGPS, GPS Data (ephemeris data expires every 7 day) will be downloaded
from a AGPS Server (free of charge) and transferred to the WondeX BT-100Y
receiver wirelessly via Bluetooth. With AGPS data loaded to the WondeX BT
100Y, it knows approximately where it is located when it starts looking for
the GPS satellites. It knows which sats should be in view and which sats to
look for. With this AGPS, the time-to-first-fix (TTFF) is dramatically
shortened from minutes to under 5 seconds! Only receiver with A-GPS)


*	Reacquisition time: 0.1 sec. 

*	Built-in ceramic patch antenna 

*	Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (removable battery pack, 3.7V
950 mAh) 

*	Support standard NMEA-0183 at 38400 bps baud rate 

*	Compatible with Bluetooth devices with Serial Port Profile (SPP) 

*	Low power consumption: 17 hours continuous use to stand-by time more
than one week by 950mAh battery 

*	Time to full recharge: within 3 hours 

*	Vibration sensor for smart power management 

*	4 LEDs display GPS, Bluetooth, low power and charging status 

*	Size: 77.05 (L) X 46.10 (W) X 19.50 (H) mm 

*	Weight: 60g (battery included) 

*	Anti-Skip rubber pad for a secure placement

All of this for only $60. 
What caught my attention was the 54 channels, motion/vibration sleep,
standby of 1000 hours, support of A-GPS, and impressive cold start of under
30 seconds and all for a great price. 
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