[Loadstone] Nokia programm helping hands

Per Reisender at online.de
Fri Nov 2 19:17:16 GMT 2007


maybe this is another stupid idea but what do you think about searching for
qualified volunteers at Nokia?
Some people from Nokia should have the goodwill and the needed skills for 
the tasks on the LS to_do_list,
e.g. programming for Symbian and Nokia devices.

I found the following on the Nokia site:

"Nokia's global volunteering program, Nokia Helping Hands, is a program
through which thousands of Nokia employees donate their time and talent to
community needs. Perhaps we could help you and your organization?

Running a volunteer program is like being a good matchmaker. You need to
know each other's interests, skills, strengths, and limits - how they can
fit and
work together well. Before an appeal is made for Nokia volunteers, it's
important to look at your program's activities and services to determine how
volunteers can help you meet your goals. The following is a list of things
which we would like you to plan and consider:

Identify and describe the specific tasks that you would like Nokia
volunteers to perform.
Link volunteers to a goal or purpose. Let them know what they are working
toward so that when they accomplish a task they can feel good about
Do Nokia volunteers need any special skills, personal traits, unique
talents, or training to carry out any of the tasks? If so, what are they?
Who will
the volunteers work with while doing the tasks?
How many volunteers are needed? Will the volunteers be working individually
or in groups? Nokia employees can volunteer both as individuals and as
Try to match the work and the number of volunteers.
When and where do the tasks need to be performed? How much time is needed?
Are the hours or days flexible or set? Will volunteers be working on-site or
off-site? Are there tasks that can be performed in the office or at home?
Will Nokia volunteers be supervised or unsupervised? Identify risks or
if any. Who will volunteers report to and when?

As with paid program staff, it is important for Nokia volunteers to know
what's expected of them and how they can succeed.

Once you have identified the tasks that you would like Nokia volunteers to
perform, please email
nokia.volunteer at nokia.com
to introduce your organization and its policies and procedures. You will
also need to provide details about the tasks you would like to be completed
our volunteers.

When providing information about the tasks, please include the following:
an overview of the program and its mission, goals, objectives, and future
the program's current activities and services
an overview of the purpose of the assignment and its duties,
responsibilities, and expected outcomes
attendance, absence, and notification policies
security, liability, and confidentiality policies

This could be the start of our cooperation!"


The only problem is the fact that the LS project isn't local but global.

I think the Nokia programm helping hands could quicken the evolution of 
Loadstone-GPS. What do you think,
especially the LS team?
Perhaps there are important arguments against this idea ...

Again I congratulate the team on their great work and ideas!

Best regards


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