[Loadstone] Feature wishes

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Fri Nov 2 09:25:37 GMT 2007

This sounds like a mess from the user interface end. It would also drop 
functionality for no real gain. The way we're trying it now is to remap the 
keys so that a normal key press of the numeric keys would look in that 
direction and a long key press would move the focus. I'm thinking the show 
area function will be tweaked so it could be made to work in a given 
direction. That way maybe a shift of a numeric key would bring up a list in 
that direction.

On Fri, 2 Nov 2007, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hi
>  New way to implement exploration mode, comments?
> - In exploration mode there is a text field and number keys enter text.
> Phone operates in two modes, text input mode and browsing mode.
> - In text input mode number keys enter text, backspace deletes last
> character and arrow keys enters browsing mode by list items in given
> directions as a browsable list sorted by distance as current show area
> does.  Pressing select will show
>  nearby items in all directions.
> - In browsing mode there is a sorted list of nearby items in given
> direction. First item could be 'back' to cancel previous virtual movement,
> in this case focus should be initially at the second item, ie nearest
> waypoint in given direction. Selecting item with 'select' will virtually
> move to that waypoint, update trip meter and return to text input mode.
> Pressing key2 will cancel selection and return to text input mode.
> - If there were some text in the text field when entering browse mode
> lists will be limited on items that have given string at the beginning or
> after space or  punctuationn.
> - Because backspace is used for text editing there is no more shifted
> keys in exploration mode.
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