[Loadstone] Feature wishes

Ari Moisio arimo at netsonic.fi
Fri Nov 2 06:09:56 GMT 2007


  New way to implement exploration mode, comments?

- In exploration mode there is a text field and number keys enter text. 
Phone operates in two modes, text input mode and browsing mode.

- In text input mode number keys enter text, backspace deletes last 
character and arrow keys enters browsing mode by list items in given 
directions as a browsable list sorted by distance as current show area 
does.  Pressing select will show
  nearby items in all directions.

- In browsing mode there is a sorted list of nearby items in given 
direction. First item could be 'back' to cancel previous virtual movement, 
in this case focus should be initially at the second item, ie nearest 
waypoint in given direction. Selecting item with 'select' will virtually 
move to that waypoint, update trip meter and return to text input mode. 
Pressing key2 will cancel selection and return to text input mode.

- If there were some text in the text field when entering browse mode 
lists will be limited on items that have given string at the beginning or 
after space or  punctuationn.

- Because backspace is used for text editing there is no more shifted 
keys in exploration mode.

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mr. M01510

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