[Loadstone] Feature wishes

Ari Moisio arimo at netsonic.fi
Thu Nov 1 16:28:07 GMT 2007


  I have collected   a number of nearby intersections to have a little map 
of my surroundings. Because i live in rural area where all streets are not 
exactly east2west and north2south  with rigth angles i still have some 
problems with exploration mode. I have, however, managed to use it 
somehow but i have to turn my phone towards north every time i'll use 
exploration mode.

Here are my two eurocents feature 
wishes anyway:

- Show area should be bound to some  hotkey. It is only sensible way to 
actually find some waypoint or intersection but it is buried too deeply in 
the menu structure:
options->functions->show area,  at least eight keystrokes for every 
virtual movement.

- Showw area should also be accessible in navigation mode instead of 
current point lottery.

- There could be a trip meter available with exploration mode too. I 
wanted to check length of the trip i have walked earlier and marked some 
more waypoints and noticed only way to find out actual length of the 
journey is to walk it thru virtually and  add manyally each and every part 
of the journey.

You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!
mr. M01510

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