[Loadstone] Two Questions

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Thu Nov 1 02:30:36 GMT 2007

[quoted lines by Michael O. Hanson on 2007/10/31 at 20:43 -0500]

>First, when I import a database with overlapping points, I get a message 
>telling me how many points were added, how many points were updated, and how 
>many duplicate entries were ignored.  I understand what it means when points 
>are added or duplicate entries are ignored.  What does it mean when points 
>are updated?

It means that some data has changed for an already defined point. Points are 
matched up by name and time defined. If all the rest of the data remains the 
same then it's "ignored", but if some of the data, e.g. its coordinates, have 
changed then it's "updated".

>Second, how many miles are between one degree of latitude and another 
>degree?  I understand the distance between degrees of latitude does not 
>change the further you are north or south of the equator.

There are approximately 69 miles per degree of latitude. You can calculate it 
this way. There are 10,000 (ten thousand) kilometers from the equator to a 
pole, i.e. for 90 (ninety) degrees of latitude. There are 1.609 kilometers 
per mile. So: 10,000 / 90 / 1.609 = 68.987

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