[Loadstone] Loadstone 0.68 on an N70, Another bluetooth bug

Brett brett06 at tpg.com.au
Thu May 31 11:19:47 BST 2007

Hi All,

I downloaded the 0.68 update and now I am able to connect to my GPS receiver 
without the phone hanging. However I have found another miner bug.

Old behaviour with previous versions, I would load loadstone, press the red 
hangup button to minimize Loadstone to the background, I would bring it up 
again and say no to the prompt asking if I want to close loadstone. I could 
then press the hangup button and loadstone would run in the background. With 
the new version If I am not connected to the GPS receiver the same thing 
happens as did with previous versions. but if I am connected to the GPS 
receiver and I press the hangup button, Loadstone minimizes to the 
background, but when I bring it up again expecting to have to say no to the 
"Exit Loadstone" dialog", it doesn't appear, loadstone says there is no 
signal. If I press an arrow key, it says no signal for 2 seconds or 
something similar, indicating that either the connection to the GPS receiver 
was either dropped when Loadstone is minimized to the background, or reset 
when Loadstone is bought back to the foreground. If I hold down the menu key 
for about a second to bring up the list of running programs and choose 
telephone to minimize Loadstone to the background, when I bring it up again, 
the connection to the GPS receiver is not affected. I no I should probably 
be minimizing Loadstone in this way,but I just got in to the habit of doing 
it the other way, so thought I would inform you of this bug in case others 
do things in this way. They may not realize that the connection gets reset 
and wonder why they aren't getting alerted to check points.

Hope my ramblings are clear enough.


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> Hi Paul,
> The problem with devices running Symbian 8.0A still seams to be happening.
> When you get a chance, can you please try installingLoadstone 0.68 for
> "Nokia phones with Symbian 1st Ed" and report to the list?
> The vibrate functionality will not work but we can then figure out if it
> is indeed a Bluetooth related problem!
> Best regards,
>   Monty
> On Wed, 30 May 2007, Paul Porter wrote:
>> I've installed the new version but still the same result. After running 
>> Loadstone the phone goes back to the menu.
>> Regards
>> Paul
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