[Loadstone] some 0.68 problems fixed please redownload

Chad F Allen cfallen at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 30 20:40:37 BST 2007


I'm afraid to try installing the new loadstone version on my 6680 given the
fact that so many problems have been occuring. Can someone make an
announcement when it's safe to try an upload of the new version of Loadstone
on a 6680 please?

I'm a new user and I don't want to get caught up in the mess if it's not



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  No joy with Nokia 6680. Install ok but when starting phones goes totally 
dead for few seconds, then beeps something like morse code but too fast to 
cope and returns to the menu, strange  thing is that after this i'm  in 
differrent  subfolder  than i  tried to start Loadstone.

  I made a clean install. 0.67 works ok.

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On Wed, 30 May 2007, monty at loadstone-gps.com wrote:

> Hello All,
> Thanks to all who reported various problems with this latest release.
> We hope we have fixed the Symbian Series60 3rd Edition problem and we have
> replaced the zip archive.
> We may or may not have improved the suspected Bluetooth problem that is
> causing certain Symbian Series60 2nd Edition models such as the Nokia 6630
> and Nokia 6680 to crash.  We have replaced the Loadstone Symbian Series60
> 2nd  Edition  ".sis" package as well so  please report your experiences to
> the list.
> To summarise, please visit the Download page on the Loadstone GPS web
> site and re-download the appropriate Loadstone package for your model of
> phone if you have a Symbian Series60 2nd or 3rd edition handset.  These
> include:
> Nokia 3250
> Nokia 5500
> Nokia 6110_Navigator
> Nokia 6260
> Nokia 6290
> Nokia 6620
> Nokia 6630
> Nokia 6680
> Nokia 6681
> Nokia 6682
> Nokia 7610
> Nokia 7710
> Nokia E50
> Nokia E60
> Nokia E61
> Nokia E61i
> Nokia E62
> Nokia E65
> Nokia E70
> Nokia E90
> Nokia N70
> Nokia N71
> Nokia N72
> Nokia N73
> Nokia N75
> Nokia N76
> Nokia N77
> Nokia N80
> Nokia N90
> Nokia N91
> Nokia N92
> Nokia N93
> Nokia N93i
> Nokia N95
> Appologies for any inconvenience caused...
> Best regards,
>   Monty
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