[Loadstone] Loadstone GPS V0.68 released

monty at loadstone-gps.com monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue May 29 15:00:09 BST 2007

Hello All,

Loadstone GPS V0.68 is now released!

This release is the first to support Nokia phones running the Symbian 
Series60 3rd Edition O/S and includes many more improvements too.  For 
more information, please refer to the associated release notes accessed 
via the Download page on the Loadstone GPS web site.

Speaking of the Download page, it has had a bit of a make over which will 
hopefully eliminate the confusion around what version of Loadstone works 
with particular phone models.  Now you simply choose your model of phone 
and the version of Loadstone you would like to download and the web site 
will serve you a package appropriate for your phone.  Although the 
Download page has been tested it is possible that there are some bugs.  If 
something doesn't work as expected (download doesn't work, phone isn't in 
list Etc) please post a message to the Loadstone GPS mailing list and we 
will try our best to sort out the problem.

We anticipate there will be many questions relating to Loadstone for 
Symbian Series60 3rd Edition so please be patient if we do not respond 
right away.  Please help each other, that is what this list is for!

In addition, the Documentation page on the Loadstone GPS web site will be 
updated to reflect changes in V0.68.

As usual, please report comments, constructive criticism and bug reports 
to the Loadstone GPS mailing list.

Loadstone GPS web site:


Best regards,
   Monty  and the rest of the Loadstone GPS development team

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