[Loadstone] GPS Receivers

Raymond Jansen r.jansen at wanadoo.nl
Sun May 27 20:47:35 BST 2007


I will also get my Wintec 201 this week. And, I do also have a QStarz BT 
Q818 and a G-Space GS-238. The last one uses a Sirf III chipset, the QStarz 
a MTK, and the Wintec uses the Atmel / u-blox ATR 0625.

I'll compaire the three units and will log the data and send it to Rob so 
they can see and check the logged information.



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> Michael O. Hanson <mhanson at winternet.com> wrote:
>> I have had good luck with the Royaltec RBT-2000. I have also heard good
>> things about the RBT-2100.
> I have the RBT 2001 and can confirm, that Royaltek receivers are working
> very good with loadstone.
>> I just ordered the QStarz Q818. Other people who use Loadstone have said
>> good things about it. I haven't used it. I heard it goes into sleep mode
>> at slow speeds. I don't know how that will affect me or how it pairs with
>> a Nokea 6680 at this time.
> I tried out the Q818 to some time ago and played around a bit with it.
> The battery life really is very long and I like the the BT sleepmode.
> But when walking with low speed, it doesn't report changing the direction
> and sometimes the BT connection to my 6630/6680 died. So I sent it back to
> the dealer...
> Next I ordered the Wintec WBT 201 with the new Atmel / u-blox Antaris 4
> hipset. It's a very tiny GPS receiver with datalogging capability.
> Like the Q818 the WBT 201 has a standby mode too, the time for changing in
> standby is configurable with the included software. The sensitivity is as
> good as with the Q818 and there's no problem with low walking speed.
> The Wintec 201 is a bit more expensive than the Q818 and it's much 
> smaller.
> It takes standard Nokia batteries BL-4C and you can use it with BT or with
> USB cable at your PC. The battery life should be about 16 hours.
> regards,
> Bert
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