[Loadstone] GPS Receivers

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Sun May 27 14:09:07 BST 2007

Michael O. Hanson <mhanson at winternet.com> wrote:

> I have had good luck with the Royaltec RBT-2000. I have also heard good
> things about the RBT-2100.

I have the RBT 2001 and can confirm, that Royaltek receivers are working
very good with loadstone.

> I just ordered the QStarz Q818. Other people who use Loadstone have said
> good things about it. I haven't used it. I heard it goes into sleep mode
> at slow speeds. I don't know how that will affect me or how it pairs with
> a Nokea 6680 at this time.

I tried out the Q818 to some time ago and played around a bit with it.
The battery life really is very long and I like the the BT sleepmode.
But when walking with low speed, it doesn't report changing the direction
and sometimes the BT connection to my 6630/6680 died. So I sent it back to
the dealer... 

Next I ordered the Wintec WBT 201 with the new Atmel / u-blox Antaris 4
hipset. It's a very tiny GPS receiver with datalogging capability.
Like the Q818 the WBT 201 has a standby mode too, the time for changing in
standby is configurable with the included software. The sensitivity is as
good as with the Q818 and there's no problem with low walking speed.

The Wintec 201 is a bit more expensive than the Q818 and it's much smaller.
It takes standard Nokia batteries BL-4C and you can use it with BT or with
USB cable at your PC. The battery life should be about 16 hours.


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