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Yeah, its really weird. It seems to be random so i can't pinpoint whats going on.  When i turn off bluetooth it doesn't do 
it... quite strange.
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From: Charlie Richardson
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 00:15:29 -0400

I haven't had this problem at all and lave Bluetooth on all the time. 
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Anyone have trouble with nokia 6682 and locking up when bluetooth is turned on?
It seems like if i leave bluetooth turned on even when not using the reciever or a headset it will lock up.
any thoughts?
On Wed, 23 May 2007 14:18:55 -0700 (PDT), Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:

>The only thing I'd add to this is regarding pairing the gps with the phone. 
>Do not pair the receiver with the phone. Some programs require this but 
>loadstone doesn't. Pairing the receiver with the phone seems to cause 
>nothing but trouble. The problem is when the receiver is paired with the 
>phone when the receiver is first turned on it'll establish a connection with 
>the phone. The phone can't do anything with this connection so it'll 
>eventually disconnect it. During this connection you'll be unable to connect 
>to the receiver with any other program. To make sure the receiver isn't 
>paired go in to the bluetooth manager and then go to the paired devices 
>list. If the receiver is in there then delete it and things should work 
>better. If the receiver must be paired, for other programs that require it, 
>then try setting it to unauthorized. That way the phone will ask before 
>accepting a connection from the receiver and you can say no to the initial 
>automatic connection attempt.
>This seems to be valid for all the phones I've heard of so far but of course 
>nokia has a bad habit of implementing things differently accross phone 
>models so things may be different for you.

>On Wed, 23 May 2007, Aedan O'Meara wrote:

>> Hi Chad, been thinking over your problem and wonder if you could check
>> the following:
>> 1. Is your Holux new from the manufacturer or is it secondhand and maybe
>> the baud rates have been upset?
>> 2. Are you sure it is fully charged up. If the slide switch is in the
>> "on" position it will not charge up.
>> I have had one occasion to take out the battery and clean the contacts
>> when the gps misbehaved. It didn't seem to take a charge when it should.
>> This brought it back completely. I think some corrosion can occur when
>> it is being carried a lot on the person from body moisture.
>> 3. What version of Loadstone are you running? The version for the 6600
>> is not suitable for the 6680.
>> 4. Is the Holux selected properly under your bluetooth settings in the
>> Nokia 6680? I e is it authorised properly?
>> The "off" position for the switch on the Holux is towards the USB hole.
>> The movement is very slight, so check carefully.
>> Finally, I have found that making a loop in my braces on my shoulder to
>> hold the gps gives far better results in built-up areas. The antenna is
>> under the top plastic so obviously it should be the correct way up as no
>> microwave signal can penetrate the battery on the bottom!
>> Also, Shawn and company, my cure for the calling out ot the heading and
>> distance under the announcing of the checked points is to add three dots
>> to the name as I store it. This gives enough seperation to give my brain
>> time to register the name of the point before it gives the heading and
>> distance.
>> Regards
>> Aedan O'Meara
>> Cork
>> Ireland.
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