[Loadstone] Further thoughts for Chad

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Wed May 23 22:18:55 BST 2007

The only thing I'd add to this is regarding pairing the gps with the phone. 
Do not pair the receiver with the phone. Some programs require this but 
loadstone doesn't. Pairing the receiver with the phone seems to cause 
nothing but trouble. The problem is when the receiver is paired with the 
phone when the receiver is first turned on it'll establish a connection with 
the phone. The phone can't do anything with this connection so it'll 
eventually disconnect it. During this connection you'll be unable to connect 
to the receiver with any other program. To make sure the receiver isn't 
paired go in to the bluetooth manager and then go to the paired devices 
list. If the receiver is in there then delete it and things should work 
better. If the receiver must be paired, for other programs that require it, 
then try setting it to unauthorized. That way the phone will ask before 
accepting a connection from the receiver and you can say no to the initial 
automatic connection attempt.
This seems to be valid for all the phones I've heard of so far but of course 
nokia has a bad habit of implementing things differently accross phone 
models so things may be different for you.

On Wed, 23 May 2007, Aedan O'Meara wrote:

> Hi Chad, been thinking over your problem and wonder if you could check
> the following:
> 1. Is your Holux new from the manufacturer or is it secondhand and maybe
> the baud rates have been upset?
> 2. Are you sure it is fully charged up. If the slide switch is in the
> "on" position it will not charge up.
> I have had one occasion to take out the battery and clean the contacts
> when the gps misbehaved. It didn't seem to take a charge when it should.
> This brought it back completely. I think some corrosion can occur when
> it is being carried a lot on the person from body moisture.
> 3. What version of Loadstone are you running? The version for the 6600
> is not suitable for the 6680.
> 4. Is the Holux selected properly under your bluetooth settings in the
> Nokia 6680? I e is it authorised properly?
> The "off" position for the switch on the Holux is towards the USB hole.
> The movement is very slight, so check carefully.
> Finally, I have found that making a loop in my braces on my shoulder to
> hold the gps gives far better results in built-up areas. The antenna is
> under the top plastic so obviously it should be the correct way up as no
> microwave signal can penetrate the battery on the bottom!
> Also, Shawn and company, my cure for the calling out ot the heading and
> distance under the announcing of the checked points is to add three dots
> to the name as I store it. This gives enough seperation to give my brain
> time to register the name of the point before it gives the heading and
> distance.
> Regards
> Aedan O'Meara
> Cork
> Ireland.
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