[Loadstone] Nokia6680 and Holux

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at iol.ie
Wed May 23 15:03:48 BST 2007

Hi Chad,
I am using the Nokia 6680 and Holux rx same as you and I find that if I
first turn on the gps and only then open Loadstone I have no problems
with eventually, normally 1-3 mins, getting a gps fix. Rarely, I would
get "no signal for x mins" knowing very well that there should be a
signal and in this case I exit Loadstone and re-enter the program and
this has always reconnected correctly. 
Loadstone is still doing all I need, Shawn and company take a bow. 
On a recent visit to the Balearic island of Majorca, I took fixes on our
local bus route and just for divilment I altered the search range to
2000 kms and lo and behold it found my home location in Ireland and told
me I was 1560 kms from home!
Obviously, I had all the points in the same database. 
Regards to all,
Aedan O'Meara

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