[Loadstone] Chad's Question

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Wed May 23 12:14:43 BST 2007

I use a Nokia 6680 and  a Royaltec rbt-2000 for the moment.  I just ordered 
a Qstarz 118 or something around that number.  My Royaltec gives me about 
six hours of battery life.  I understand the Qstarz has about thirty-two 
hours of battery life.  That is the main reason I ordered it.

I have had no problem either paring my Royaltec with my phone or Loadstone. 
The only problem I get is "no signal" sometimes.  My usual fix is to turn 
the receiver off, turn it on, and see what happens.  Sometimes, I need to 
turn the phone and receiver off, turn them both on, and see what happens. 
It might take several attempts but they connect and give me a signal in less 
than five minutes.

Nokia phones work with non-Nokia devices all the time.  I got my phone last 
August.  Nokia could have changed something or things since then.  I don't 
know why Nokia would say their phones don't work with non-Nokia devices if 
they haven't changed things since last August.  Sorry I don't have more 

Mike Hanson

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