[Loadstone] Holux GPSlim 236 and Bluetooth--again

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Wed May 16 02:24:00 BST 2007

Strange, just letting the battery die shouldn't have been able to kill the 
bluetooth. I think that unit's internal battery is soldered to the circuit 
board. I think it's a small watch type battery so it may take it a long time 
to die even without the main battery. At least one user on the list had 
experience with disconnecting this battery, it should be in the archives 
somewhere. It just involved unsoldering one of the tabs if I remember 
correctly. Maybe something else happened to this unit thoe, like a drop or 
something that really killed it.

On Mon, 14 May 2007, Buddy Brannan wrote:

> I was afraid you'd say that.
> I did actually hope it was something easy, so I did the procedure with
> siRFStar3demo and re-syncing it and all that good stuff, still no
> joy.
> What happened was this... About six months ago or so, I had the
> receiver on in my backpack and...well...forgot to turn it
> off. Realizing this the next day, I turned it off, plugged it in to
> charge, and voila, it was dead Jim. I tried removing the battery for a
> while. Several times. Once for about three weeks. No joy. I don't have
> a clue where the internal backup battery is, but it should've gotten
> back to its right self if it's going to, I'm supposing.
> Too bad.
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