[Loadstone] Holux GPSlim 236 and Bluetooth--again

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Mon May 14 21:04:11 BST 2007

Hey guys,

OK, so I had a Holux GPSlim 236 die on me some time ago, and I
replaced it with a new one, which just arrived today. (In hopes of
reviving the old one, I also bought the data cable.)  

OK, so here's the deal... 

The new one works great!  

The old one that died seems to work; at least, while scanning for it
(either one) doesn't seem to work, explicitly finding it on a com port
does work, and it looks like it's acquiring data. 

Both do, in fact, when hooked up to the computer with the USB data
cable. However, the old one that died appears to have either a dead
bluetooth radio or a switched off bluetooth radio, as my phone
absolutely refuses to see it--but it connects to the computer OK,

So--anyone know how this can be checked? Am I just up a creek? Or is
there something I can get to possibly revive the bluetooth radio?

BTW, I got this receiver a second time because it uses the same
batteries as my mobile phone. Besides, it was $50 from a seller in
Virginia on eBay. 
Buddy Brannan, KB5ELV
Email: buddy at brannan.name or phone 888-75-BUDDY
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