[Loadstone] Loadstone Symbian 3RD edition status

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Fri May 11 11:06:55 BST 2007

The versions of Loadstone for first and second edition phones will be 
maintained along with the third edition version. They all use the same code 
base so maintaining the versions is relatively easy. I don't see this 
changing unless something substantially different comes along.

On Fri, 11 May 2007, Miranda wrote:

> Hi Monty,
> Thanks for the update, and thanks also for developing this great program.
> There is one question I would like to ask. Now that you are developing a
> Loadstone version for 3rd generation Symbian phones, will you continue
> maintaining the version for older phones as well?
> I'm asking because I still am very satisfied with my N70 and I don't have
> plans for buying a new phone soon.
> Thanks very much,
> Miranda
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>> Hello All,
>> Since a number of you are wondering what is going on with regards to
>> development with Loadstone for Symbian 3RD Edition phones I thought I
>> would write an update.
>> Over the past 11 months, the Loadstone project has received
>> financial donations from  an estimated 3% of LS users.  (With a
>> significant   portion of funds  coming from German users)  These donations
>> together with generosity from Nuance/Talks have allowed the LS development
>> team to acquire and in part subsidize the purchase of mobiles running the
>> Symbian 3RD  Edition  O/S.
>> Due to back-orders and manufacturor/supplier delays (bad luck), we have
>> only been able to commence development with one of these phones.  Fingers
>> crossed, the other phones are expected to arrive very shortly.
>> Although it is difficult to speculate, we think we will have a version
>> suitable for testing/consumption/release very soon after we receive these
>> phones and get them talking.
>> At the moment, we have a version that is nearly functioning but for
>> significant issues causing major lock-ups and crashing.  We hope to
>> resolve these problems during a marathon development session planned to
>> happen once we receive all phones and get them speaking!
>> Stay tuned...
>> Best regards,
>>   Monty
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