[Loadstone] One or Two Curious Problems with GlobalSat BT 338

Teddy hackelberriwien at online-rudel.net
Thu May 10 07:36:05 BST 2007

Hi Listers,

I can not use my BT 338 as default GPS receiver on my Nokia 66 30. When ever
I try to do so, LS looses connection after some minutes. Whenn I connect the
receiver after starting LS by searching it, it seem to work properly.

Sometimes, when I go out and start LS and connect the BT 338 it shows 0 of
12 satelites for hours. When I open the GPS-Commands in this case and give
any command, including energy save mode on 
, the problem disaperes within
some seconds with a probability of about 90 percent. 

Is anybody here, who understands that and perhaps can give an explanation to

Except for this little problems I can advise this receiver very much.
Yesterday I had a accuracy of 0.8 at 10 of 12 satelites inside a Bus inside
the town.



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