[Loadstone] Qstarz Q-818 Questions

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The battery is not built-in, so it is possible for the user to swap the 
batteries if needed. Today i received 13 satellites which is otherley 
impressive. The only major limitation of this receiver is that it will go 
into sleep mode if you are walking below 2.5 mph. If you are using it with 
LoadStone you aren't able to use the hot/warm/cold start features as this 
receiver utalizes the new MTK chipset. So, if you tent to walk a bit slower, 
I wouldn't recommend this receiver.

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>I understand one or more of you use this receiver.  Is the battery built in
> or can you change it?  I am confused by available product descriptions.
> What problems, if any have you experienced using this receiver.
> I currently use a Royaltec RBT-2000.  I have used it for about eight 
> months,
> with no real problems.  It has a somewhat shorter battery life than I 
> would
> like.  On the other hand, I can change out the battery.  If I use 
> Loadstone
> to do a long distance hike, I will need to change the battery regularly
> which ever receiver I use.
> Thank You,
> Mike Hanson
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