[Loadstone] Data Point Extraction Question

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Wed May 9 00:03:31 BST 2007

If the test-hike I will do next week goes well, I will plan a hike of the 
entire Appalachian Trail.  I have two data sources.  The problem is much of 
the data are visual.  They will not work with JAWS.  I am totally blind. 
Does anybody know of a service or person I could contact about getting GPS 
coordinates from such programs?

I would not ask the developers of Loadstone to do that.  For one thing, at 
least some of them seem to be blind.  They would probably have the same 
difficulties extracting data that I experience.  For another thing, they 
have done more than I could ask developing a pretty good free GPS program 
and related software.

Thank You,

Mike Hanson

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