[Loadstone] question

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Mar 30 00:24:29 BST 2007

ryan Fleury <ryan at aroga.com> wrote:

> [...] is it possible to type in an address I want to get to and have
> loadstone get me there?

No. For tat you should buy a 3rd edition phone and try out Smart2go.

> Or do I need to have the long and lat entered into the phone ?

Yep. But if you have a 3rd edition phone, you can use Smart2go and its free
downloadable map data to plan some routes and figure out some lats and
longs for interesting addresses.

> For wxample can I have loadstone get me from work to home if I am in a
> car?

No, not with direction instructions like they are nown from some navi
systems. But also you can buy a 3rd edition phone and try out Smart2go, you
can purchase additional navigation capability for Smart2go.

Loadstone is a software to save your own points and to find out your
position relating to these points and to find your way back to these
previously saved points.


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