[Loadstone] WAAS/EGNOS question

Gabriel Battaglia gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 18:03:58 BST 2007

Hi Paul, you did several interesting questions and I'm really very 
interested to read answers me too even do I maybe know some of information 
you're looking for.
I know for instance, please everybody correct me if it is not, that 
WAAS/EGNOS covers all the globe cause it's part of GPS system, using it or 
not dipends on how many satellites your receiver is peeking and if it is 
able or not to receive WAAS/EGNOS correction.
With WAAS/EGNOS active, your position will be calculated with 3 or 4 meters 
maximum of derive, instead of the 15/30 meters you have right now.

I saw just one time since the 3rd november 2006, a differential GPS on my 
loadstone, often I get 9 or 10 satellites getting an accuracy of 0.8 but no 
differential GPS on. Why? Unfortunately I don't know.

It's exactly for this reason I tried to send command directly to my receiver 
using a software called SiRfDemo, just to be sure that receiver has it 
turned on.
Unfortunately I made mistake changing operative mode to the receiver and now 
I've put its battery away in order to reset it.

I really appreciate to read some more about WAAS/EGNOS... My question is so 
simple: if it exists, why we can not use it?

Thanks for all explanations.

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